Confirmed speakers for the 2017 conference include:

Michael Bush (Nebraska, U.S.)
Breeding and field management

Clean Beekeeping Alliance
The eight board directors of this the newly formed, world-level alliance will hold a panel discussion about the alliance’s future plans

Don Downs (U.S.)
Apitherapy for humans and animals, and political updates concerning apitherapy

Laura Ferguson, Director of College Mellissae and International Natural Beekeeping Federation (U.S.)
Bee-centricity and animal communication: Benefits and opportunities

Dee Lusby (Arizona, U.S.)
Nutritional values of honey, pollen, and propolis
Wrap/tie frame wiring and embedding
Strategies for working with bees in retirement
Using hand trucks and floor trucks for commercial workings

Karen O’Brien Wrinker (U.S.)
Making a teaching hive for sequencing frames for working hives

Solomon Parker
Swarm removals

Benjamin Pixie (U.S.)
The magic and medicines of the honeybee: Mead-making as medicine

Sandy Rowley (U.S.)
Bees and their natural habitat

Following the conference, a number of attendees stay in the area for a few days of informal field trips at a nearby commercial beekeeping operation, with impromptu hands-on discussions of many aspects of small-cell, treatment-free beekeeping.

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