Speakers at the 2016 conference included:

Bruce Brown, CC Pollen (Arizona, U.S.)
Regulations pertaining to international trade concerning honeybees and products of the hive

Michael Bush (Nebraska, U.S.)
Breeding and field management

Don Downs (U.S.)

James Fearnley (UK)
Research update on pollen and propolis

Laura Ferguson, Director of College Mellissae and International Natural Beekeeping Federation (U.S.)
History of beekeeping

Jacqueline Freeman (U.S.)
Relational beekeeping: How to be best friends with your bees

Dee Lusby (Arizona, U.S.)
Nutritional values of honey, pollen, and propolis
Wrap/tie frame wiring and embedding
Strategies for working with bees in retirement
Using hand trucks and floor trucks for commercial workings

Benjamin Pixie (U.S.)
The magic and medicines of the honeybee: Mead-making as medicine